Civil Workers' Union Hierarchy

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Civil Workers' Union Hierarchy Empty Civil Workers' Union Hierarchy

Post by Mark Valentinus on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:40 pm

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Civil Workers' Union Hierarchy

Responsible for overseeing all Civil Workers Union projects; dealing with applications and communication between the Civil Workers' Union; Combine Civil Authority Leaders; And the Administrator.

Assistant Organizer
Upon the decision by the Organizer and the Administrator, a Head Worker may be promoted up to the rank of Assistant Organizer. The Assistant Organizers job is to assist with Civil Workers Union applications, aid the Head Worker and ensure the Head Worker is following proper protocol and orders.

Head Worker
The Head Worker has a number of high priorities, the first task that any Head Worker should conduct when getting onto the server is assessing the situation, taking note of how many citizens and how many Civil Workers' Union members are online. Once that has been determined the Head Worker can begin to construct one of the many factories or group projects. Unlike the Worker class, the Head Workers main job is not to get citizens working, it is to motivate and get Workers operating so that they have the opportunity to hire citizens and promote passive role play.

The backbone of the Civil Workers Union, the worker is the jack of all trades. When alone and not with the Head Worker (or higher) they will be responsible for providing Apprentices and citizens with jobs or goods. These will vary from employing citizens to work in your shop or perform menial tasks, to organizing a workforce to clean the cities areas of interest and streets.

This is the job assigned to those who join the Civil Workers’ Union before achieving the 15 loyalist point requirement. Meaning they are merely learning how the C.W.U. works before upgrading their citizenship status to loyalty status. Under the authority of every Worker and up, they are here to assist whenever possible. With much more limited benefits compared to the Worker class, their main priority is to show that they are active, assist other workers and promote citizen role play. Upon following that, their time as an Apprentice will be short lived, as they can be promoted to Worker by any Head Worker or up.
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