Civil Workers' Union Rules and Regulations

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Civil Workers' Union Rules and Regulations Empty Civil Workers' Union Rules and Regulations

Post by Mark Valentinus on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:42 pm

Civil Workers' Union Rules and Regulations 23rs6ki


Below are the official rules of the Civil Workers Union.

In Character Rules

-Interact with citizens and always listen to what the people have to say, do not ignore them.

-Keep the doors to the Civil Worker buildings locked unless told otherwise.

-Keep your uniform in pristine condition.

-Keep your radio on and stay active on it. If you do not respond after many tries, we will search for you.

-Being detained by Civil Protection Teams may get your Civil Workers' Union status revoked.

-Precinct Three is off limits to any Civil Workers Personal and will get you revoked of status if caught in it.


-Always act on your best behavior. You are representing the model player/citizen.

-Always check the forums and be active server and forums side. Inactivity will get you removed from the C.W.U.

-Always post in the vacation/inactive section when going inactive and we need to know.

-Read and keep updated on the forums C.W.U. section.

-Be a role-model and do not give the staff trouble.
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