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Civil Workers' Union Business Division Empty Civil Workers' Union Business Division

Post by Mark Valentinus on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:48 pm

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Civil Worker's Union - Business Division
1. What the business division does.
2. How to get into the business division.
3. How the tiers may differ in the Business division.
4. The product list and prices.

1. What the business division does.
The business division is a section of the CWU that concentrates on the business aspect of the city. They look to making profits, and hopefully leading that to making the Union a better place. They sell any products available to sell that are UU branded and attempt to make a profit out of it.
Soon I will implement a system that involves dividends (Profits shared between the business division each week) and profit schemes.
If anyone is studying business studies at school or college, please bring your skills with you. We are trying to make this as close to a business as we can. More will be added.

2. How to get into the business division.
The way this works is you must prove yourself to the Business Commander or to the Organiser/Co-Organiser. This will mean that you will have to show that your interested in selling products to the public and that you have the ability to make a nice profit. The more profit you make, the higher your dividend will be. Showing us that you can do what it takes to make your own business, or with a colleague, will get you into the business division and into Tier 2.
Obviously it may take some time as we won't just promote you for selling a few odd products. We also won't just be noticing your ability to sell, we will be noticing your ability to RP what you sell.
For example, just buying shipments and selling them shows us you can sell, but you must include RP with it. So instead of making shipments appear, call into your radio for an imaginary colleague to drop off a few shipments to your shop. This will make it realistic as shipments don't appear of out thin air. Another way you can roleplay is to cook the food you sell, rather than just buy it and sell it. Use /me to cook your products such as boiling water in a kettle and pouring into a mug. This also allows you to choose whether you sell some food hot or cold like Noodles. So RP is very important in trying to impress the Organisers and Commanders.

3. How the Tiers may differ in the Business Division.
In the Tier system we currently run, we have Tier 2 and Tier 1. Which you will have to be in to be in the Business Division, however I may include some other Tiers with the Organisers permission. But for now we only have Tier 2 and 1. Tier 2 will be the shop clerks who mostly sell the products to the public. They may buy the stock and cook it, hence selling it. They will also be there to pass knowledge onto Tier 3's.
Tier 1 is a bigger step, you must record what products you buy in your shop, and keep a note of the total cost of your products. I will make a thread soon to include that. This means paperwork needs to be handed into the CWU on the Business Commanders desk. (It's on the first floor where the balcony window is.)
Soon I may include things like Supervisors or something for each Tier if our numbers grow enough.

The Product List and Prices.
This is a list of the goods you can sell, all being UU branded. The prices are included as a guideline, as it is the best choice between getting a good enough profit without losing customers due to high prices. Each price is the price for one of them. Not a shipment.
General Goods:
• Backpacks - 30 tokens
• Bags - 15 tokens
• Flashlights - 18 tokens
• Request Devices - Free
• Paper - 3 tokens
• Suitcases - 15 tokens
• Beanie - 20 tokens
• Jackets of any color - 30 tokens
• Gloves - 15 tokens
• Jeans of any type - 30 tokens

UU Branded Food:
• Stew - 15 tokens
• Doughnuts - 15 tokens
• Tea - 13 tokens
• Melons - 12 tokens
• Smooth Breen's Water - 12 tokens
• Milk Jugs - 11 tokens
• Chinese Takeouts - 10 tokens
• Lemonade - 10 tokens
• Milk Carton - 8 tokens
• Breen's Water - 7 tokens
• Gum - 7 tokens
• Bananas - 7 tokens
• Oranges - 5 tokens
• Potatoes - 5 tokens
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