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The Riez Cartel Empty The Riez Cartel

Post by Spiderfork on Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:06 pm

The Riez Cartel

The Riez Cartel Tupac_west_side

Before getting into the Cartel, I am going to go ahead and state that it is a serious PGB, even though the thread does seem a bit unserious.The only reason for that is for comedic purposes, as myself and the couple of others in the group found the idea of a bunch of Tupac propaganda to be pretty funny.Anyways, the cartel's main purpose is to sell drugs, alcohol, and multiple other substances with the occasional work of dealing with people threatening the Cartel or it's 'allies'. The Cartel is to progress as every other PGB, even though a administrator is leading it, as he is only providing the Drugs and Substances based items once they are produced. As well, the admin's only purpose is to enforce addictions to said substances as well as the needed 'cooking' or creation of such said substances.

During the early stages of which the Combine began to center it's control, it began to do away with a majority of the world's filth and crime. In doing so, many of the world's crime syndicates, gangs, and factors that were determined 'uncivil' were either destroyed, forcibly dismantled, or done away with through multiple means. Throughout all of the cartels that were dismantled or destroyed, only a couple were able to hide away their identities of being part of these groups of murder, guns, and drugs, the Riez Cartel being one of them. The Riez Cartel wasn't really one of the most well known among the world of Mexican crime syndicates, but it was big enough to make a considerable amount of meth and put it out onto the market, that is before the combine invasion. As the break of the Seven Hour War began, the major leadership of the group went ahead with it's fail safe plan of hiding any and all resources before destroying the rest. Though this did not necessarily stop the Combine from figuring out a majority of the Cartel's members, this did help secure a good amount of it's resources for when it was 'calm' enough to reestablish operations under the new, Combine occupied earth.
Through time, a lot of the cartel's members began to make contact with one another, may it be in the hellish Outlands or be within City confines. As it had turned out, a considerable amount of the Cartel's members managed to 'merge' into the cities and citizens transfers that took place, it being easier then most would think if realized that not all of the Cartel's members were as known or popular such as Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartels. As small networks were set up with the remaining members, leadership was quickly established, as remainders of the previous leadership quickly took over. Over time, a lot of the Cartel's members were transferred to City 22 due to some sort of need for more laborers. Due to the re-distrubution of the Cartel's members, a lot of the Cartel's outer sources that produced the needed drugs and substances that were smuggled in had too move from their positions in Mexico to multiple parts in the North. This repositioning of the labs and Cartel's members in general took about two years until 2016, where the cartel had successfully set back up and began to produce Meth and other chemical based drugs for it's contacts in City 22.  

El Lider:Leader of Cartel members within the city, controls all the Cartel's objectives and plans in city.
El Segundo:Second in command for the city based operations, leads street fights and large drug exchanges.
El Diablo:The legend of the cartel, able to take on anything and do anything.
El Cocinero:The Cartel's in city drug cook, occasionally go to drug exchanges and meetings.
Compadres:The Cartel's fighting force, usually armed with some sort of gun or beaner stick.
Ermanos:The Cartel's street sellers, usually sell low amounts of drugs while out of territory.

Spiderfork        Hermano Riez     El Lider
Azn               Manuel Riez      El Segundo
Teh D           Ricardo Riez     Compadre
Weezy            Armando Riez   Ermano
Haggis      Grengor 'Gringor' Johnson    El Diablo
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