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Post by Mr. Snippy on Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:50 pm

Steam name: Mr. Snippy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28873661

Why do you want to join the MPF?:

- I've had experience in the past with it, and enjoy the roleplay that comes along with it.

What do you think the MPF will be like for you?

- As it always has been. The criteria of the faction hasn't changed since four years ago when I started first Role Playing in Clockwork.

What are you expected to do in the MPF?

- What you're told. Though if you're looking for a more philosophical answer, protect the population from both external and internal threats. But mostly protecting them from themselves.

How are you expected to act in the MPF?

- Professionally, to speak only when spoken to, and to operate with prejudice.

What is your characters background story? (2 paragraph at least.)

- Edgar Steinman was born right outside Berlin and moved to the United States when he was just 4. His mother raised him for the first two years of his life (On account of his true father not being around) until she met a man who would soon be Edgar's step-father. After a few years of settling down with his mother & step-father in Somerville Massachusetts, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and soon died. He was 8 years old. Now, Edgar was to be watched over by his step-father who on many occasions took his anger out on him. Savagely beating Edgar within an inch of his life for so much as looking at him. This had turned Steinman into a very depressed and dark young man, but eventually Edgar was taken from his abusive step-father, and placed into foster care. He never spoke to his foster parents who did their best to simply offer him a place in the family. He barely ate, spoke, or walked outside his bedroom, going to school without a single word. The only thing he enjoyed doing was reading. He read books on wars and leaders of the past. He developed a bitter attitude for his own species upon reading into the wars that ravaged civilizations merely for something as small as what deity they believed in, or oil. He eventually started reading at a near-college level when he was 15 years of age, and this continued until he was 16.
At age 16, the young man had finally found a hobby beyond reading, taking psychology classes to explore the human mind. Unfortunately, as his appearance looked rather frail, he was a prime target for bullying. Though Edgar never defended himself physically, he longed for vengeance against his enemies who would go out of their way to toy with him. Instead, he would seek out an alternative with the knowledge he obtained in psychology and bits and pieces of information used from crime television shows. He broke into the house of the group's ringleader who tormented him the most, destroying everything valuable and carefully covering his tracks. When they returned home, the family went silent for about two weeks, but finally returned to prosperity. However, heavy bricks were thrown into the windows of the home that now came with a built in security system. The suspect seemingly slipped away, unnoticed. This had continued until the bully's parents of the household could no longer take the paranoia of someone wanting to harm them. A moving truck was outside their home, the window still smashed from the recent assault. Edgar stood on the other side of the street, away from view, smirking with satisfaction as his other tormentors said their said their final goodbyes.
A few days after he struck age 19, came the 7 Hour war. He watched in astonishment as military forces were completely decimated by large creatures he thought only existed in science fiction films. He pondered his fate, whether he would be killed quickly by being incinerated, or by suffocation by being trapped beneath the rubble of a falling building. When earth surrendered and its administrators were established, Edgar was brainwashed by the speeches they delivered. Seeing the Universal Union as something humanity truly needed, he also observed the Overwatch and more commonly, their lesser brethren, the Civil Authority branch. A few days pass and Edgar turns in his roommate for smuggling alcohol into their apartment. Another week passes and he anonymously turns in a back alley dealer who sold homemade shivs. The local CCA referred to him as their 'finger-man' until he racked up enough loyalist points to apply himself into their ranks.

Please write an at least 10 line roleplay example. (Use /me)

/me twirls his baton in one hand as he walks toward the local apartment complex.
/me looks to the ground, spotting a large insect.
/me hovers his boot over it before pressing down, smirking at the sound of the light crunch.
/me cracks his neck slightly before looking up to notice a figure standing along a ledge.
/me listens to his radio hearing a voice speak, "Any unit near Altman Road apartment complex, we have a 10-103, witness reports possible 10-103m.."
/me speaks back, still watching the window, "Unit 937 here, possible 10-104 on floor 3, advise 11-42 in case of-.."
/it The citizen leaps from the window, landing on the pavement spine first, blood spurting from his nose and mouth, screaming is heard from the third floor shortly after leaping..
/me pauses, looking over, hearing the radio. "937, say again?"
/me would sigh, beginning to walk over, "Standby.."
/me kneels down placing two gloved fingers on the lifeless man's throat before standing up..
/me radios, "Yeah, we got a DB here, cancel that 11-42.. Cleaning up now."
/me would hear "Copy that," as he grabs the corpse's arms hauling it away from view.

In character information

Name: Edgar R. Steinman
CID: 01937
Age: 21
Height: 6'0
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Distinguishing marks: Scar on right side of lower lip,

List previous fields you are experienced in:

- Graduate from Ashland High School
- Honors in Psychology Class
- Cross Country Runner for one year
- Firearms Safety course

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF?

- I was an anonymous informant, merely pointing them in the right direction.

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain:

- No.

Explain your reason for applying for the MPF and wishing to become a Civil Protection Unit:

- I wish to personally see to the biological purification of humanity, by protecting the weak minded from disruptive influence, and themselves.

I, _Edgar_Steinman___ have been absolutely truthful in my application and understand any false information will lead to my tracking and detainment.
I also agree that poor performance, attitude or behavior will lead to my termination in the Metropolice Force.

Mr. Snippy

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Post by Kordinn on Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:20 pm

Backstory was eh, so was the RP example. The example requires at least -10-, I'd like to see more detail in your roleplay when it gets to the server being up.

Accepted, improve on embellishing a bit more.

Ask an admin for your whitelist when the server is up.

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Post by Mark Valentinus on Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:08 am

+Support/Already Approved.

Mark Valentinus
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