LICEBIT (Luka Kovacic)'s CWU Application

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LICEBIT (Luka Kovacic)'s CWU Application Empty LICEBIT (Luka Kovacic)'s CWU Application

Post by LICEBIT on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:50 am

Out of Character Information

Steam Name: LICEBIT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:7274210

Do you understand the purpose of the CWU? If you do, please explain: Members of the CWU support the UU in whatever civilized manners they can.

List your current characters and what factions they are: Luka Kovacic (Citizen)

What is your CWU Character's background story?:
    Luka Kovacic was born in a suburb of the city of Osijek, Croatia during one of his parents' frequent business trips. This one had been a particularly lengthy trip as his mother went further along in her pregnancy. Milo, his father, was the president of oil company IZB, based 4 miles from the family's home in Zagreb, and husband to Luka's mother, a lawyer. He was raised in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, and studied at a private high school, where he graduated. His father got him a job as an ironworker at a construction company his father previously worked at. After have a year Luka had a strong desire to go to college. It was paid for by his father, and he was majoring in mechanical engineering.

    His education was abruptly ended by the Combine invasion. Once the Combine was established on Earth he was sent to City 17, where he supported the CCA because he was treated relatively well. Several months after his 22nd birthday Luka became an official loyalist. He had not graduated from the university, but only months off when his education was interrupted, so he had a degree in mechanical engineering in all terms except official. He was comfortable in City 17, where he was closer to Croatia than other cities, but shortly thereafter, he was relocated to City 22, where he longed to put his skills to use. He decided to apply for the Civil Worker Union's Maintenance division.

In Character Information

Name: Luka Kovacic

Citizen ID: #####

Age: 25

Are you a loyalist?: Yes.

Why would you like to serve the UU by joining the CWU?: I wish to make certain all machines are in working condition and safe for use by UU affiliates.

Are you looking to join the Business division, Maintenance division, or Medical Division?: Maintenance division.

Are you willing to perform experimental jobs if ever required in the future?: Yes.

I, Luka Kovacic, have been completely honest in my application. I understand that if I have lied at all on this form, I will be immediately detained and suggested for possible off-world assignment.

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LICEBIT (Luka Kovacic)'s CWU Application Empty Re: LICEBIT (Luka Kovacic)'s CWU Application

Post by Mark Valentinus on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:53 am


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