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Weezy's MPF Application Empty Weezy's MPF Application

Post by Weezy on Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:56 am

Steam name: Weezy

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:39296303

Why do you want to join the MPF?: Because it provides a unique quality of roleplay in the world of Half-Life 2. It gives you more to do than just a simple civilian. The MPF is a very important part in the server's daily activities due to them being the "peacekeepers" and they enforce the laws of the U.U with extreme prejudice.

What do you think the MPF will be like for you? It's mostly passive according to previous experiences, a regular unit will have to watch the streets constantly for any sort of anti-citizen behavior or suspicious activity and re-educate noncomplying citizens. In the previous servers I've played, there was several divisions that had a special goal, for example Helix (or Shield in some other servers) were the medical units so aside from doing what a regular officer would do, they'd provide medical attention.

What are you expected to do in the MPF? Mostly passive, I don't expect any sort of action regularly, but I'll assume I'll be placed into the streets to keep order upon getting out of the recruit rank like in previous servers.

How are you expected to act in the MPF? Metropolice units are civilians recruited into the force, then trained to become peacekeepers. As they progress through the ranks of the force they are slightly brainwashed until they become "emotionless robots" capable of carrying out any task given to them by high command and sacrificing their lives for the Universal Union if need be.

What is your characters background story? (2 paragraph at least.)

Before the infamous Seven Hour War occurred, Logan Worthe was a well-paid executive in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Although he could access numerous luxuries, his attitude was not despicable and cocky, but he was mostly stressed due to his extremely demanding and time consuming job. He was a somewhat anti-social person and lived alone in a big apartment in the city, he had horrible relations with everyone in his family excluding his brother, Shawn. Worthe's brother worked for the Boston Police Department, so they would see each other frequently and they would perform activities together, Logan would take him to extreme sports like skydiving to blow off some stress and in exchange Shawn would take him to fire off some weapons at targets in proper and legal facilities in the outskirts of Boston.

The Portal Storms raged across Earth, allowing Xen life forms to gain entry. People fled for the large cities to seek shelter and protection from them but a much worse threat followed just behind, the massive and well-organized alien empire known as the Combine. In only seven hours, they wiped out every single military force in the entire planet.

Logan watched in shock and awe as the national guard and various other military units were killed off without effort by the Combine soldiers with their superior technology. In a matter of hours, the Combine forces overwhelmed and destroyed every single trace of human military activity in Earth. Unbeknownst to Logan, his brother was eliminated by the first wave of alien combatants. Attempting to flee the horrors his eyes had witnessed, he recklessly rushed to the elevator, but the unstable skyscraper had been impacted multiple times by lose explosives and heavy weapons fire and rubble decorated every hall. As he ran for the elevator, a sharp metal gifted Logan with a severe injury to the torso, he started bleeding. Devoted to survive, he destroyed his shirt and used it as a tourniquet to temporally stop the bleeding until he was able to find medical help. The elevator didn't work, what a surprise. Logan made his way through the emergency stairs, but it was a large building, just as he reached the lower levels he passed out due to blood loss.

The year is now 2016, the Combine rules with an oppressive fist, those who deny to recognize the authority of the Universal Union are punished, severely. The streets are calm, everybody cowers in fear. They have no hope, there's no freedom. Logan was lucky to still be alive, he owed the residents of the building that carried him to an emergency service that was still operational during the conflict. Logan was moved through two cities, where he spent lots of time with the same old habits of being anti-social. He did not mess with the authority nor with the local resistance groups, he just worked and made it back home after acquiring his daily ration. After his city was overcrowded, batches of citizens (him included) were selected to move to City 22 which had just recovered from a plague recently and was ready to be inhabited again. He was going back to where he lived previously, the big city of Boston.. he felt joy but then again he realized it would be the same oppressive thing like in the past two cities. As the city was starting to get its new batch of residents, Logan saw the opportunity to join the MPF for selfish reasons, he'd be sided with the Universal Union and no one would be able to abuse him anymore, but he would have to take on the role of the same people that abused him. Having previously applied for the MPF in his previous city, he had experience as to what expect in the format and had improved his "loyalist excuses", but his requests were denied due to them already reaching full capacity on units, it looks like he wasn't the only one that had the same idea of joining it to get a better chance of life. With a new city, he had a chance to get one of the positions before anyone else did, little did he know the responsibility and the dangers officers may face in the line of duty.

Please write an atleast 20 line roleplay example. (Use /me)
/me adjusts his basic faceplate, it looks "factory" new and it's washed in a pure white color.
/me would then wrap the utility belt tightly around the bottom part of the torso.
/me shortly grabs his standard issue USP Match and put it in the belt's holster, afterwards he'd take his radio and other essential tools, such as his stun baton and zip ties.
/me would start working his way out of the Nexus's internal area.
/me would exit the Nexus only to find himself before the streets of City 22.
/me starts walking down the sidewalk, eyeballing the citizens that are coming his way.
/me starts making his way to the corner of the street, which gives him full optic access downtown.
/me arrives to the corner of the vivid and bright store overlooking the street, he'd take out his stun baton from his utility belt.
/me stares at the casual group of citizens that dash through, minding their business.
/me pats his leg with his stun baton, as if he's waiting for someone to cause trouble.
/me watches as a large, imposing man appears out of the shadows, it slowly moves to his location with  rather aggressive and odd hand language.
/me 's thumb slowly works its way down the stun baton, he then raises it to a torso level as he watches the man approach, the unit obviously feels threatened.
/me watches as the man continues to move on him, even when the baton is raised as a warning to keep his distance. He then flicks his baton and electric sparks are emitted from the "tip", "Citizen, mind your distance." the unit states to the figure.
/me would then swing the baton as the figure does not respect the warning, the attack was headed to the man's neck to knock him out almost instantly. The man was unable to react to the officer's attack and he was rendered unconscious He'd then reach for the radio on his belt, "I'm 10-26, reporting a 10-14, bringing him in for malcompliance." After radioing in the situation, the officer proceeds to tie up the troublemaker.
/me would start dragging the figure to the Nexus as other units arrive to the scene to disperse a crowd that the encounter has formed.
/me would then start dragging the unconscious man inside the building, he'd be heading for the numerous detainment cells.
/me would carefully descend down the stairs to the detainment cells, carrying the man with him.
/me would open the combine lock and throw the man inside, he'd then grasp for his radio; "10-92, requesting extra unit for suspect interrogation."
/me would then exit the cell and lock it, he'd adjust his stun baton on his belt again as he proceeds to ascend the stairs once again.
/me would then make his way outside of the Nexus to carry on with his assignment.

In character information
(Your character writes in this part of the application)
Name: Logan Worthe
CID: #40201
Age: 34
Height: 5'11
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Distinguishing marks: None.

List previous fields you are experienced in: "Well.. I've got experience using a pistol and that's pretty much it.."

Have you had any previous affiliation with the MPF? "Well no I have not, but I've reported several suspicious things in my old city and gained a few loyalist points myself."

Have you received any infractions from and officer? If yes, Explain: "No, I have not."

Explain your reason for applying for the MPF and wishing to become a Civil Protection Unit: "I'm.. looking to enforce the great laws that the Universal Union has established upon humanity, no more chaos, just peace. We can finally live in an organized system, where everything and everyone will be safe from the things that have swarmed through the weird portals in the sky.."

I, Logan Worthe, have been absolutely truthful in my application and understand any false information will lead to my tracking and detainment.
I also agree that poor performance, attitude or behavior will lead to my termination in the Metropolice Force.


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Weezy's MPF Application Empty Re: Weezy's MPF Application

Post by Mark Valentinus on Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:14 pm

False, citizens play a HUGE role in the role play, probably the most important aspect. Citizens aren't a faction they're apart of the system, where as the MPF is a faction. I'd have to see you come on and play as a citizen for a while and show me that you can portray a citizen before portraying a unit. Because you'd be starting off as a unit who is merely a citizen in a uniform. So you'd still act as a citizen you just now have some decent authority and a weapon to defend yourself from any other citizen who may prey on you.

Weezy's MPF Application S52kys10
Mark Valentinus
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Weezy's MPF Application Empty Re: Weezy's MPF Application

Post by Kordinn on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:36 pm

Clean it up with what Mark said about it, and re-apply and I'll consider it again.


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Weezy's MPF Application Empty Re: Weezy's MPF Application

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