<|| The Working-Class Citizen's Handbook To A Factory Occupation ||>

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<|| The Working-Class Citizen's Handbook To A Factory Occupation ||>

Post by Kordinn on Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:48 pm

<|| City 22 Inaugural 7 - Working Class Citizen Handbook||>

<:: Introduction ::>
<::Greetings citizen. As a volunteer of City 22's bustling and busy working-class, you are all instructed to receive this complementary handbook on the type of working environment you will be in and the types of tasks you will be assigned during your working hours. Factory 3, the standard working facility for most working-class citizens is one of the safest working environments in all of City 22 with fatality rate of only 38.4%, we assure the safest conditions to all our volunteers. Now, let us continue to the next portion, introducing you to your standard work equipment and safety hazards.. ::>
(Any citizen without an outstanding list of infractions may become a working-class citizen by visiting a factory when it's up and running.)

<:: Equipment & Safety Hazards ::>

- 1x Standard Craftsman Apron With Pouch Attachment
- 1x Standard Black Nylon Gloves For Extremity Safety
- 1x Standard Pair Of Work Goggles For Reduction Of Eye Injury
- 1x Standard Bandage For Any Injuries During Work Activities

Hazards & Possible Side-Effects Include But Not Limited To:
- Radiation Poisoning
- Loss Of Appetite
- Loss Of Limbs
- Loss Of Sexual Organs
- Loss Of Fingers & Toes
- Accidental Firearms Discharge
- Burns
- Falling Beams
- Falling Platforms
- Death
- Paralysis

<::Working Stations ::>

<:: Supplement Filling Station ::>
This station, one of the safest and basic station out of the whole factory is one of the most important in all of the facility. This station is one of the main packaging methods of glorious civil supplements filled with nutrition and great flavor! Workers will be instructed to scoop contents from the blue holding tanks and package them into one of two sized supplement containers.

<:: Fusion Battery Charging Station ::>
This station, one of the more advanced stations inside the facility, is tasked with using a high-powered charging device to charge empty fusion-battery containers to thus be used to auxiliary purposes outside of the factory such as the street lights of our glorious city or to power our watchful protectors, the scanner-unit.

<:: Boot Polishing Station ::>
The most basic and safest station inside the entire facility, this station is tasked with having workers carefully polish pairs of standard-issued boots for our vanguards of the city, the Metropolice Force. Remember citizens, a damaged and unpolished boot could endanger your safety in the future.

<:: Coal Generator Station ::>
The final station on our list and yes, very important to the structure of our city. These generators are powered by coal and thus the station is tasked with shoveling in coal to the conveyer belt to be fed into the generator and thus assist the Union in powering our civilized city with hope and technology.

<:: Rewards ::>
All working class citizens are entitled to rewards for their service. Whether it may be a full token reward or something in the form of Universal-Union Brand Ale. Maybe a bust of the legendary Administrator Doctor Wallace Breen? How about a new leather jacket branded with the Union's own mark? Why not some gloves to keep your hands warm? All this can be yours if you volunteer today citizens and do your part in improving City 22.


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Re: <|| The Working-Class Citizen's Handbook To A Factory Occupation ||>

Post by AWOL on Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:21 pm

Nice Guide.

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Re: <|| The Working-Class Citizen's Handbook To A Factory Occupation ||>

Post by Not-So-Solid Snake on Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:22 pm

Fucking love the Starbound soundtrack.
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Re: <|| The Working-Class Citizen's Handbook To A Factory Occupation ||>

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