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Vortigaunt Application Format  Empty Vortigaunt Application Format

Post by Stallion on Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:51 pm

Please make a new thread in this subforum for your application.


Out of Character Information --- --- ---

Steam Name:


Have you had previous experience in vortigaunt RP in other servers?

If so, what server and for how long?

Why do you want to become a vortigaunt?

Can you give me a rundown on how the Vortessence (the power of the vortigaunts) works?

Can you use a variety of words to put into your vort RP? (Not that important, though it helps)

Do you understand that, as an enslaved vortigaunt, you cannot use any of your Vortessence powers as long as you wear the collar? (This means no lightning powers or the ability to speak to other vortigaunts via telepathy)

In Character Information --- --- ---

Write a detailed backstory for your vortigaunt, such as how they got to Earth, enslaved, and put to work (at least 3-4 paragraphs).

Write a basic physical description of your vortigaunt.

Provide an example of passive roleplay as a vortigaunt, such as cleaning duty with a unit. (use /me’s)

Provide an example of action type roleplay (Fighting, healing, etc)

Your Vortigaunts name:

Vortigaunts age: (Years are usually between 200 - 500, any higher would classify you as an elder which is not allowed unless given permission.)

Any notes?

I, ___________, hereby state that I will not abuse my vortigaunt in any way, and promise that I will abide by the rules given to me or else I will be blacklisted from the faction.

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