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CWU application Empty CWU application

Post by kewolsky on Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:01 pm

Application Format:

Out of Character Information:

Steam Name: Kewolsky

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:31969520

Do you understand the purpose of the CWU? If you do, please explain: They provide basic needs such as medical care and goods to the civilian population with goods and methods approved by the Universal union.

List your current characters and what factions they are: Werner von Schwartz:civilian

What is your CWU Character's background story? (2 Paragraph Minimum): Werner von Schwartz was born in Düsseldorf, Germany in an upper middle class family where he grew up with two younger sisters. The first years of his life Werner did well, he went to school for the first time at age four. During his school career Werner usually tried his very best due his parents pressuring him to get high grades. At age seventeen his parents divorced as peacefully as possible and Werner spent one week at his mother and one at his father and so on. Years later Werner went to medical school to become a general practitioner which at the time earned a decent amount of money.

After finishing his education he started a GP clinic in the Centre of Düsseldorf where he earned a honest living for a couple of years before the combine attacked earth in the seven hour war. After the annexation of Earth and the UU was in charge Werner just tried to keep low but eventually he was moved to city 22 where there was at the moment a low number of doctors. Thus Werner decided to apply for CWU medical personnel.  

In Character Information:

Name: Schwartz, Werner von

Citizen ID:18207

Age: 36

Are you a loyalist?: I will report misconducts to the CCA and I will not commit a misconduct so I guess I am.

Why would you like to serve the UU by joining the CWU?: I owned my own GP clinic and I want to get back to helping people so they can do their part in assisting UU as strong healthy human beings

Are you looking to join the Business division. Maintenance division, or Medical Division?: The medical division.

Are you willing to perform experimental jobs if ever required in the future?: Yes.

I, Werner von Schwartz, have been completely honest in my application. I understand that if I have lied at all on this form, I will be immediatly detained and suggested for possible off-world assignment.


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CWU application Empty Re: CWU application

Post by Kordinn on Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:56 am

So far, to me, it looks good and Mark's roster is needing filling, you'll be put in as a apprentice.

Accepted. Contact an admin ingame for WL.

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